Since its very inception, Centurion University has been striving to develop itself into an University of excellence in education and research in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of India through meaningful education, original research of the high standard and leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the Country. With the path-breaking innovations in both its curriculum and research, the University is rapidly gaining reputation.
In addition to offering formal Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programs, the University actively encourages its faculty and other academic staff to undertake research projects in order to strengthen the research profile of the University. Research and development is carried in several areas like Image Processing, Neural Networks, Cellular Network, Embedded Systems, Discrete Transforms, Image Compression, Discrete Wavelet Transform etc. These projects are of great importance. Forty candidates have been admitted into Ph.D. courses under the Part-Time Category in the Departments of School of Engineering and School of Basic Sciences of Centurion University.
Research development is a set of strategic, proactive, catalytic, and capacity-building activities designed to facilitate individual faculty members, teams of researchers, and central research administrations in attracting extramural research funding, creating relationships, and developing and implementing strategies that increase institutional competitiveness. Research development includes initiating and nurturing partnerships, networks, and alliances between and among faculty of Centurion University and funding agencies; and designing and implementing strategic services for the faculty and researcher constituents such as workshops, trainings, program officer visits, proposal editing, PR communications, funding opportunity searches and dissemination, budget preparation, forms and submission assistance, and research team building.
Date Presenters Seminar Talk Topics
09 .2.2013 Prof.(Dr.)Narasimham New Trends in Education in Conditions of Emerging GII
Mr. Venkat Shiva Kumar Financial Inclusion
Prof.Avinash Gaya Mobile Radiations and Health Hazards in New Era of Communication
23.2.2013 Dr.Kelvin Duncan Digital Technologies Helping PeopleAchieve Sustainable Livelihoods
6.3.2013 Dr. Orlanda Ruthven Changing the Chances of the Youth: How can GramTarang's Employability Program have Meaningful Impact?
22.3 2013 Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Dash 'Extraction of Ginger Oleoresin from ‘Zingiber Officinale Rosco’ using Supercritical Fluid Extraction'
05. 4. 2013 Prof. (Dr.)S.S Nayak Two’s Complement Fast Multiplication
23.4.2013 Prof. Dilip Tripathy Indian Economic Growth, the Bumpy Road Ahead
17.8.2013 Mr.Tapas Bhuyan Use of e-resources
31.8.2013 Prof.Sadat Ali &Mr. D. Raghuveer Non- Conventional Energy Sources and its Applications
23.11.2013 Prof. Abhaya Kumar Muduli Financial Planning through Assets & Instruments
4.5.2014 Mr. Shivam Panigrahi and Mr. Debashis Acharya Sustainable Utilization of Carbon Dioxide to Future Alternative

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