The School of Teacher's Education offers Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education.

The two year course of B.Ed. aims at a complete development of the knowledge and skills.

CUTM appreciates the importance of “Learning to function as a teacher.”

Learning to function as a teacher will take the form of shorter period of attachment of school experience and teaching and another of a longer duration of block teaching.

Two year physical education bachelor degree programme

Two year Physical Education Bachelor's degree programs can prepare students to become elementary or secondary school P.E. teachers, fitness instructors, athletic coaches or athletic directors. P.E. bachelor's degree programs generally include a student-teaching experience. Future physical education teachers can obtain mandatory licensing by passing a qualifying test and a Praxis examination.

Most bachelor's degree programs in physical education instruct students in the areas of student diversity and growth, classroom management, motivation, instruction and assessment. Students also complete general education requirements. Core courses might include the following:

  • Exercise psychology, anatomy, and physiology
  • Motor skills development and kinesiology
  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention, first aid, and physically adapted activities
  • Psychomotor skills
  • Physical education teaching methods, organization, and administration


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