Content development as per the skills pentagon 

The training content for Skill courses at Gram Tarang are developed with a focus on different levels of learning along the key dimensions of the “skills pentagon” and different weightages are given to the dimensions based on industry sector & level of qualification & job role.

  1. Literacy skills: starting with basic speaking, reading & writing English/Hindi/regional language to advanced language skills depending on the job requirement

  2. Numeracy skills workshop calculation & basic arithmetic to advanced numeracy skills as per job role

  3. Technical domain skills: Trade specific core technical skills required on the job

  4. Professional Skills: Values, ethics, integrity, teamwork, communication, planning, time management & leadership – all developed through activity based learning

  5. • Life Skills: IT literacy, Financial literacy & legal literacy, decision making, financial planning for self and family, health, Hygiene & sanitationb

Industry inputs are key in the process of content development & all of the courses are mapped with sector skill council QPs & NOSs


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