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Improvement and Back paper Exams Schedule
Arrow M Sc Improvement Exam Schedule
Arrow B Sc(AG) Improvement Exam Schedule (2nd Semester)
Arrow MBA Improvement Exam Schedule

Rules & Regulations - B.tech

1. The schedule is for regular and improvement exams as given below

a). 2010 batch

(i). Regular exam 7th sem 2011 Syllabus

(ii). Improvement Exam 6th,5th,4th,3rd,2nd and 1st sem 2011 Syllabus & 2009 syllabus

b). 2011 batch

(i). Regular exam 5th sem 2011 Syllabus

(ii). Improvement Exam 4th,3rd,2nd and 1st sem 2011 Syllabus

c). 2012 batch

(i). Regular exam 3rd Sem 2012 Syllabus

(ii). Improvement Exam 2nd and 1st sem 2012 Syllabus

d). 2013 batch

(i). Regular exam 1st sem 2012 Syllabus

2. 2009 batch improvement exam schedule will be published (3rd to 8th Sem) after registration of students. However 1st & 2nd sem being same for 2010 batch already included.

3.Subject codes have been changed to provide uniqueness. This will be followed to avoid mixing of marks during import / processing.